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The K2VITAL Product Family

K2VITAL® is the vitamin of tomorrow….today, and delivers key advantages for your product formulation.

Being highly clean & pure, K2VITAL® is undetected in flavour & texture profiles and will not influence the shelf life of your product. Kappa Bioscience’s K2VITAL® is perfectly suitable for use in single or multivitamins, cardiovascular health supplements and in fortified food formulations.

We offer K2VITAL® in a range of formats, designed to support varying application needs.

Country of Origin: USA and Europe

Disclaimer: Use of K2VITAL® is subject to regulatory clearance. Customers intending to formulate their product with K2VITAL® should seek their own regulatory advice in regards to use and claims associated with vitamin K2 MK-7.

To learn more about the K2VITAL® product range for your formulations, please contact us